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Wreckage is located near where the Titanic sank

The United States Coast Guard said on Thursday (22) wreckage was found in the search areas for the submarine Titan, missing while making an expedition to the Titanic.

According to the Coast Guard, the  discovery was made by a probe  near where the remains of the ship that sank in 1912 are . A press conference about the discovery was scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm, Brasilia time.

“An area of ​​debris has been discovered within the search area for an unmanned vehicle near the Titanic. Unified Command specialists are evaluating the information,” said the US Coast Guard Northeast Command, which coordinates the search operations.

The wreckage was found by a probe taken to the site by a Canadian ship, the Horizon Arctic.

This morning,  the probe and two robots capable of monitoring the seabed reached the maximum depth  of the Atlantic Ocean, 4,000 meters from the surface, within the search perimeter, which is about 20,000 square meters.

The  remains of the Titanic lie 3,800 meters below sea level , at a point in the Atlantic Ocean about 600 kilometers off the coast of Canada.

The location of the wreckage took place  about five hours after the maximum duration of oxygen inside the submarine,  estimated by the Coast Guard based on calculations that take into account the start time of the trip, on Sunday afternoon (18).