Two Israelis murdered in West Bank shooting, IDF surrounds terrorist after manhunt

Two Israelis were murdered during a terror shooting attack near the West Bank settlement of Eli, the IDF confirmed in an announcement on Thursday.

Additionally, the IDF announced that it killed two of the three terrorists responsible for the shooting. They also announced that the third terrorist is currently surrounded by security forces, taking cover inside a Hummus Eliyahu branch, without any hostages.

A Magen David Adom spokesperson said that “a report was received at 5:08 p.m in the Jerusalem region about gunshot wounds on Route 60 at the gas station near the entrance to Eli. MDA medics and paramedics provide medical treatment on the spot to two critically injured and unconscious people. More updates will follow.”

Shortly after, the MDA spokesperson reported that the two wounded Israelis succumbed to their wounds, saying, “Update on the shooting incident at the Eli gas station. An ambulance on the spot reported two dead civilians about 17-30 years old, and additionally, it is suspected that a terrorist has fled.”

Army radio also reported that two terrorists were killed at the scene and that security forces are on a manhunt looking for a third.