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Opinion Article: Bonfire of the Vanities

Going to a virtual plenary session prevents a minister from taking a moral lesson like what happened in the episode with Dr. Sebastião Coelho.

Just disconnect the lawyer.

This says a lot about the fragile ego of the members of the egregium.

They are definitely out of touch with reality.

The hubris of ministers intoxicated by power and cameras condemn an ​​entire nation to a legal insecurity never before witnessed.

I can’t help but think of the Decemvirs of Ancient Rome who were also ten judges, but never usurped power, as the legal body had the laws and the Republic sacred.

Which doesn’t happen in Brazil.

The Constitution is being debased in the name of a nefarious project of power engendered in the silence of the night in the name of the “democratic state of law” in front of a numb people.

Some try to oppose it, but they are silenced in the name of “democracy” with the support of a sleazy, lying and lazy journalism.

We are like orphans.

Dr. Sebastião was our voice, our cry of indignation in that spurious court, in the middle of this bonfire of vanities that the court had become, in front of a coryphaeus who stood tall and was visibly shaken by such a vehement speech.

Stanley Lindoso Viana (Moai)