House broken

A New York City couple’s plan to move into a $2 million dream home to retire in with their disabled son has become a “nightmare” as they battle a squatter who claims he had an agreement with the previous owner.

Susana and Joseph Landa, both 68, purchased the home next to family members in the quiet New York City residential neighborhood of Douglaston, Queens, in October 2023, ABC 7 reported.

Close to relatives, the location was perfect for their son Alex, who has Down syndrome and could be easily looked after if something was ever to happen to the couple.

“I just want to know that I can die tomorrow and he’s next to his brother,” Susana Landa told the outlet Wednesday.

The couple, however, has yet to move into the multimillion-dollar home four months after signing the deed as they try to get rid of squatter Brett Flores

“It has become a nightmare, a total nightmare,” Joseph Landa told the outlet Wednesday.

Flores, 32, was hired on a $3,000-a-week salary by the former homeowner as his caretaker until the man died in January 2023, court documents obtained by the outlet show.

The squatter claims to have a “license” from the dead former owner to stay in the house.

“We couldn’t believe it, we could not believe it,” Susana said.

Flores has also been living in the home since the former owner died, which has caused a major headache while they try to get him out.

It is “unlawful for any person to evict or attempt to evict an occupant of a dwelling unit who has lawfully occupied the dwelling unit for thirty consecutive days or longer,” according to New York squatters’ rights.

The homeowners gave Flores a 10-day notice to leave and then tried to enter the property alongside an insurance inspector, but he called the cops on them.