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Peruvian girl kidnapped from hotel in Italy

A new case similar to the disappearance of Madeleine McCain is scaring Italy.

The police are looking for a 5-year-old Peruvian girl, who was put in a suitcase and kidnapped in a hotel in Florence (Italy) 10 days ago.

Kataleya Mia Chicillo Álvarez disappeared from the antifo Astor Hotel, which was being occupied by around 140 illegal migrants, on June 10.

CCTV footage shows the girl playing on some steps in a courtyard of the building at 3:12 pm before disappearing without a trace.

One person even claimed to have seen the girl on a bus, but the police did not confirm the veracity of the clue, according to the newspaper “El Comercio”.

The police believe that the child was placed in a trunk or a suitcase and taken out through one of the hotel’s two exits, reports the “Daily Mail”. Agents evacuated all occupants from the building last Saturday (6/17) and searched the premises for evidence. There are reports that Kataleya’s relatives had problems with another family of Peruvians, “quite aggressive”, who occupy another room in the old hotel.

Officers also searched another nearby building and a garage, suspecting she may have been moved there temporarily. The anti-mafia police would be involved in the investigation.

Kataleya’s family lived in a room in the old hotel, which according to reports has been occupied by migrants since last September. The family moved to Italy when she was six months old. There have been several violent incidents at the hotel recently, including an attack on an Ecuadorian man, who allegedly jumped from the third floor to avoid a knife-wielding gang.

Kataleya’s parents, Kathrina Alvarez and Miguel Angel Romero, attended a Mass on Via Lulli, near the hotel, to pray for their daughter’s return.

A letter from the head of the parish, Father Juan Manuel Núñez Rubio, chaplain of the Latin American community in Florence, announced that Cadet Giuseppe Betori had asked people to pray for the missing child, La Repubblica reported.

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