Elon Musk’s Most Expensive Rocket Explodes After Launch

An early and unexpected end, the Starship rocket, the most expensive rocket in history, from the company SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk, has just exploded seconds after its launch  this Thursday (20).

Billionaire Elon Musk’s company designed the rover to carry people and cargo on future missions to the Moon and Mars. But on this test flight, Starship travels without a crew.

Which was good to avoid a tragedy.

It was a space test, which cost billions of dollars, with funding and support from NASA.

The loading of the propellants and the fueling of the rocket began around 9:00 am (Brasília time). Hundreds of people followed the work in Boca Chica, near Brownsville, in the US state of Texas.🚀

The rover was designed to be used on more than one flight. But for this mission, the company would not attempt a vertical landing of the spacecraft, nor would it attempt to recover the rocket.

The mission’s first attempt was scheduled for last Monday, but had to be postponed due to a pressurization problem in the booster.

Leo Vilhena | GNI Network