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Russian-backed authorities say no need for large-scale evacuation in Kherson

A Russian-appointed governor in Kherson said a “large-scale evacuation” of residents will not be necessary after floods of water rolled from a destroyed dam and hydro-electric power plant in the southern region of Ukraine.

“This will not greatly affect the situation in the Kherson region. Even a large-scale evacuation of people will not be required. Most residents remain in their places, although transport has been sent for them,” Vladimir Saldo said on Telegram.

According to Saldo, the destruction of the dam led to “a large, but not critical” amount of water flowing down the Dnipro River, which caused the washout of agricultural fields along the coast and disruption of civilian infrastructure.

Kyiv and Moscow have exchanged blame over the destruction of the dam, which Ukrainian military intelligence claimed Moscow blew up “in panic” over Ukraine’s expected summer offensive.

Some background: The dam spans the Dnipro River — a huge waterway running through southeastern Ukraine and there are multiple towns and cities downstream, including Kherson, a city of some 300,000 people before Moscow’s invasion of its neighbor.

Saldo, the Russian-appointed governor, said the incident “will not prevent our military from defending the left bank.”

CNN’s Katharina Krebs