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Media ignores Biden’s ‘dumb question’ slam on reporter after hounding Trump on media attacks

While major media outlets have decided to ignore President Biden ripping a reporter for asking him “dumb questions” throughout his term, there was often fierce attention paid to former President Trump’s spats with the Fourth Estate.

After Biden blasted New York Post reporter Steven Nelson last week for asking a “dumb question” about allegations that as vice president, Biden received $5 million from a Ukrainian executive working on the same energy firm as his son Hunter, both CNN and MSNBC ignored the exchange, according to searches of their transcripts. The New York Times, Washington Post and other major legacy outlets also skipped the story, Fox News Digital found.

But those outlets often berated Trump for any spat he had with journalists during the historically acrimonious relationship he had with the press in office and mourned the lack of decorum.

Outlets including The New York Times, Axios, CNN, Washington Post and NBC have called Trump out for “viciously attacking” journalists, and encouraging an environment that is dangerous for them.

In 2020 Washington Post journalist Margaret Sullivan blamed Trump’s attacks on the press as having led to violence against journalists during the 2020 riots following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

Members of the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and MSNBC’s Ali Velshi were roughed up while covering various demonstrations, either by protests or rioters, prompting Sullivan to pen a headline, claiming, “Trump has sown hatred of the press for years. Now journalists are under assault from police and protesters alike.”

Commenting on the same incidents, CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy wrote at the time, “It goes without saying that such attacks are reprehensible. But they are even more sinister given the actual attacks against the press.”

 Gabriel Hays , Hanna Panreck | Fox News