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Pregnant woman is shot, dies and baby is in a very serious condition.

A barbaric and cruel crime. A 22-year-old pregnant model was shot and killed by two men armed with rifles while sitting in a car in Washington, DC.

Doctors performed an emergency c-section to save the baby before the model died from her injuries.

Samya Gill , 22, who was eight months pregnant, and the father of her child were talking inside their car parked on 37th Street SE at around 11:20 am on Thursday, 6/15, when two men got out of another vehicle and opened fire on the couple, Washington police said.

His companion, who was shot, started his car and fled and stopped the bullet-riddled car about a mile away at a busy intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Dix Street , the WJLA website reported.

According to doctors heard by the report, the baby is in critical condition.

Samya ‘s boyfriend is in serious condition, but he requires less care than his son.

The motives for the attack were not clear. Police are still trying to identify the perpetrators of this cruel crime.

Léo Vilhena | GNI/Namerica
With information from the New York Post