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Small plane is chased by F-16 fighters, mother, daughter and nanny die in explosion

An unprecedented tragedy that is still unclear. A luxurious but small plane, a Cessna Citation (cover photo), apparently “violated the airspace of the capital of the United States” , Washington DC, and the pilot was not answering the military calls on the plane’s radio this Sunday (4).

The military sent F-16 war fighters to chase the plane, which ended up crashing in a mountain area in the state of Virginia.

Four people were on board the Cessna, according to the Reuters news agency. According to the police, rescue teams went to the place where the plane crashed, but found no survivors.

Strangely , the US government is insistently claiming that F-16 fighter jets did not cause the crash.

US Army officers are repeating this information over and over again.

Websites that track flights showed that the aircraft fell quickly, in a spiral.

At one point, the Cessna was falling at a speed of around 550 kilometers per hour downwards before crashing.

Airplane is owned by a company

The Flight Aware website stated that the plane is registered to a company, Encore Motors , from the city of Melbourne, in the state of Florida.

The owner of the company, John Rumpel , told the newspaper “Washington Post” that on the plane were his daughter, a granddaughter and the child’s nanny.

Information not yet officially confirmed is that the businesswoman killed in the accident is Adina Azarian, who was known as the “Queen of the Real Estate Market” in the Hamptons, where she opened her own real estate company. The Hamptons are a group of luxury villas, located in the state of New York, in the United States of America

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John Rumpel further stated that he knew nothing about the accident.

It is believed that the Cessna was on autopilot and did not respond to authorities.

The aircraft had taken off from the city of Elizabethton, in the state of Tennessee, bound for the city of Long Island MacArthur, in the state of New York. Before arriving at Long Island Airport, the plane changed direction and headed straight for Washington DC.

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Adina Azarian

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