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Investigation about jet Accident in Virginia – US, points to unconscious pilot

One of the fighter jets’ pilots who intercepted the plane crashed in Virginia,  United States , declared he saw the pilot in the aircraft with his head down, according to the newspaper “The Washington Post”.

Experts told the newspaper that the aircraft’s flight data made available so far suggest that the pilot was knocked unconscious and that the plane flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel on Sunday (4).

The four people on board died. In addition to the pilot, the group consisted of a two-year-old child, the mother and the nanny, according to “The New York Times”.

What happened?

The plane crashed after invading Washington DC airspace and being pursued by US fighter jets on Sunday (4).

The supersonic pursuit, with F-16 fighters, began after the plane’s pilot failed to respond to calls made by the US military.

According to US authorities, the plane took off from Elizabethton Airport, Tennessee, and would land at Long Island MacArthur Airport, in New York. The distance is about 1000 km.

Before arriving at Long Island Airport, the plane made a turn and changed direction, heading straight towards the capital of the United States. The causes are investigated.