Anderson Torres cries when he learns that he will be released from prison; Wife communicated to former minister

It was a moment of deep tears and strong emotion for Anderson Torres , his wife, lawyer Flávia Sampaio Torres and many PM-DF agents who were present at this moment in the couple’s life.

Anderson Torres cried a lot when he learned that he will be released from prison.

The statement on the decision by Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes to revoke Torres’ arrest was sent directly to him by his wife, Flávia Sampaio Torres.

Flávia, despite facing aggressive treatment for cancer, visited her husband regularly in the battalion where he has been imprisoned since January, in the Federal District.


Torres’ wife received a call from lawyer Eumar Novacki, this Thursday afternoon, informing her of Moraes’ decision. Upon communicating the news to Torres, the former Minister of Justice burst into tears and said he was “very relieved”.

In the decision that determines the freedom of Anderson Torres, Alexandre de Moraes says that he sees no more reasons for the former Minister of Justice to remain in prison in the course of investigations.

“The reasons for maintaining the extreme precautionary measure in relation to Anderson Gustavo Torres ceased, as the necessary compatibility between Criminal Justice and the right to freedom demonstrates that the effectiveness of preventive detention has already achieved its purpose”.

Leo Vilhena