Texas shooter Mauricio Garcia recorded bizarre voicemail about money: report

The Texas mall mass shooter reportedly recorded a bizarre message on his cellphone voicemail — informing his provider that he paid his bill, asking his parents for cash and telling female callers he has “plenty of money.”

Mauricio Garcia, who killed eight people and wounded seven others with an AR-15-style assault rifle at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen on Saturday, appeared to obsess about money in the message, according to records obtained by Fox News Digital.

“Hi, this is Mauricio. If you’re the phone company, I sent you the money, or if you’re my parents, please send money,” he says.

“If you are my financial aid institution, you didn’t lend me enough money, if you are a friend, you owe me money. And if you are a female, don’t worry, I have plenty of money,” the suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer adds, according to the outlet.

The phone number listed in the records goes straight to the odd message. It was unclear when he made the recording.

Meanwhile, it also has emerged that Garcia was kicked out of the US Army in 2008 “due to mental health concerns,” law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation told ABC News.

Several law enforcement sources told the outlet that investigators also are exploring whether the shooter’s attack was an act of domestic terrorism.

The feds also are probing whether Garcia, whose social media accounts spouted white supremacist views, held neo-Nazi beliefs.

The gunman wore a patch with the acronym “RWDS,” which stands for “Right Wing Death Squad” — a popular phrase among white supremacy groups, a law enforcement source told the Associated Press.

Garcia, who had no criminal history, reportedly shared a home with his parents and had booked an extended stay at a nearby motel.