US police increase search perimeter for Brazilian fugitive, who would have changed direction: ‘He’s desperate’

American police said on Tuesday that they had increased the search perimeter for the Brazilian fugitive since last Thursday, when he escaped from life imprisonment.

Local investigators believe that Danilo Cavalcante changed direction and left for southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, after realizing he was surrounded to the north.

He was spotted on Monday night (4) by a camera in Longwood Gardens.

Why did US police increase the search perimeter for Brazilian fugitives?

Because of the hunt, authorities decided to keep schools in the Kennett district closed this Tuesday and reinforced the reward of US$ 10,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of the Brazilian. I

n a press conference this Tuesday, accompanied by GLOBO via social media, George Bivens, deputy commissioner of operations for the Pennsylvania State Police, said that FBI agents and border services had been called in to assist in the searches.

“Many people have properties with large yards, many acres, which presents an additional challenge because these areas are opportunities for [him] to hide. We ask that residents check the security cameras in their homes and that residents of the extended area stay alert and let us know of any suspicions,” Bivens said. “Let’s keep the pressure on.” He’s evil and needs to be stopped, and we’re determined to catch him.

Why was a Brazilian fugitive in the US arrested?

In August, Cavalcante was sentenced to life imprisonment after stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Débora Brandão, from Maranhão, in 2021. The agent said that Danilo was seen with two bags, which he would have stolen during the escape, in addition to clothes and foods.

“We’re getting him moving, which is good. We have no information that he underwent special survival training. He’s desperate, he doesn’t want to get caught. Of course, we expected to have found him by now, but he didn’t have much time to travel a long distance,” said Bivens. “We are not asking people to be prisoners in their homes, but to proceed with caution. If my house were in this region, I would keep doors and windows locked.