Michelle Bolsonaro: ‘Janja found an excuse to buy new furniture’

The president of PL Mulher, Michelle Bolsonaro, criticized First Lady Janja and President Lula.

Michelle argued that the PT made excuses for purchasing new furniture for the Alvorada Palace .

Michelle gave an interview to Veja magazine , published this Friday, the 19th. Earlier this year, Janja took a journalist from Globo to Alvorada to “report” an alleged theft and damage to the furniture at the Palace.

“Each day they invent a narrative to try to destroy you, to undermine your strength”, criticized Michelle. “They measure us with their ruler, accuse us of what they do.

Do you think I’m going to hit Janja because she accused us of stealing the Palace furniture? It was all a pretext to buy new furniture, without going through a bidding process.”

Michelle also criticized the difference between the PT’s ideology and their practices.

“They preach socialism, but they love the luxuries that capitalism can offer,” noted the former first lady.

Fernando de Castro