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Breaking News | Brazilian who was on the run in the USA is captured

Danilo Cavalcante, the Brazilian sentenced to life in prison who escaped from jail in the United States, was captured, the Pennsylvania police announced this Wednesday (13).

The searches lasted 14 days and mobilized 500 police officers. Even so, Cavalcante managed to walk 38 kilometers, steal a van and a rifle and exchange shots with a resident.

The Pennsylvania police said they will hold a press conference this Wednesday to provide details of the capture.

On Tuesday, at a press conference to talk about the searches, he also stated that he was  certain that Cavalcante was within the established search perimeter  and that  he would be arrested “as soon as possible” .

Danilo Cavalcante, convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Débora Evangelista Brandão, has been on the run since August 31, when he managed to escape from prison by climbing walls.

Pennsylvania police further stated that Cavalcante was last seen in South Coventry in Chester County in eastern Pennsylvania  wearing blue pants and no shirt . In the last image captured by security cameras, he was wearing a green coat, which was found by police officers.

According to Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, one of those responsible for the search operation, Cavalcante  managed to steal a rifle from the garage of a house  in the region where he was passing on Monday night (11), about 32 kilometers from the prison of where he fled.

“We consider him desperate, we consider him dangerous, all the dynamics confirm to us that he has a weapon,” said Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, one of the police officers responsible for the search operation.

At the press conference, Bivens also said that:

  • There are around  500 police officers participating in the searches ;
  • Footprints “identical” to those of the shoes that Cavalcante wore in prison were found;
  • He  stole a rifle from the garage door of a house  in the city of South Coventry, about 20 miles from the prison he escaped from. “He probably found the garage open, it wasn’t something planned”;
  • The Brazilian  then exchanged shots with the resident of the house, who was inside the garage  – the police speak of “several shots”;
  • Still, he shouldn’t be hurt, given the speed at which he’s already advanced;
  • Cavalcante  is not following a linear escape route.  He began walking toward southern Pennsylvania, but now walks toward the north;
  • The Brazilian will be arrested “as soon as possible”.

The lieutenant colonel also denied that the searches were taking longer than normal – in addition to several days, Cavalcante also  managed to walk 38 kilometers without being caught .

“The police are doing a great job. We know that he is within our search perimeter, and Cavalcante will be arrested as soon as possible.”