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Student gets grade 0 for writing ‘biological woman’ in report

A student at the University of Cincinnati in the US claimed that she received a zero on her college project because she used the term “ biological woman ” in the report. Olivia Krolczyk, a 20-year-old university student, said that the teacher decided to fail her for using the term “exclusionary”, although she admitted that her student presented a “solid proposal”. Olivia was in the Female Gender Studies in Pop Culture class.

The course proposed to the students a research related to feminism. Olivia chose to investigate the changes that athletes have experienced throughout history, struggling to conquer a place in the world of athletics. In her project, she included everything from the first woman to compete in the Olympic Games to contemporary wrestling athletes such as Riley Gaines.

Olivia, who is a chemistry student, ended her research with the following sentence: “(…) these rights and opportunities are being threatened due to the participation of men in women’s sports”.

Complaint heard by millions

Fearing being the target of persecution, the student did not identify the teacher, but complained about the situation for the first time on TikTok. To date, the publication has received more than 2.5 million visits. Her teacher’s comment was also released: “Olivia, this is a solid proposition. However, the term ‘biological woman’ is exclusive, and is not allowed in this course, as it further reinforces heteronormativity”.

Of the teacher’s assessment, Olivia told the New York Post , “The instructions for the assignment I received a zero on specifically state, ‘This is a developmental exercise. Well-thought-out proposals submitted on time will receive full credit’. I delivered my work on time and I can 100% guarantee that my proposal was extremely careful.”

The student also stated that this is not the first time that she has been persecuted in the academic environment for taking a stand against teachers. Krolczyk said she was chastised when she backed down during a class discussion and argued that generalizing all white men as privileged “is not fair”.

Victor Marcolin