Illinois family missing since February, father was out on bond for domestic violence charge

An Illinois family has been missing since February after leaving their house with a U-Haul, around the time when the father was released from jail after an alleged domestic violence incident.

Stephen and Monica Lutz along with Aiden, 11, and Nicholas, 9, from Newton, Illinois, were last heard from Feb. 10.

Stephen Lutz was released from jail Jan. 19, after he was charged with several domestic battery charges, under the condition that he doesn’t contact his wife or go into the home, according to FOX Illinois.

Police say that there have been previous reports of domestic violence from the home.

Newton police said that they attempted to locate the family on Feb. 14, but there wasn’t any evidence that the family was in danger at that time.

Police told FOX Illinois they’re taking necessary precautions because of how long the family has been missing, all of whom were reported missing by Stephen Lutz’s adult daughter, Brittany Lutz, Feb. 10.

Police also said that a U-Haul was seen Feb. 10 at the Lutz’s residence hitched to a pickup truck that Stephen Lutz drove, and added that no neighbors, family, or friends were told that they were leaving or when they might return.

Shortly after, the home’s electrical service was cut off.

According to family relatives and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, everything was left behind at the home and said that while the interior of the home was usually “immaculate,” it looked like a tornado hit every part of the house following the family’s departure.

A suitcase was seen on Stephen and Monica’s bed, and there were still clothes in the kid’s drawers and closets.

Officials said cellphones belonging to Stephen and Monica pinged Feb. 11 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and then Feb. 14 in Richmond, Indiana. Soon after, both phones were disconnected.

Brittany said she last heard from Aiden in a text message, saying that his family was going on a vacation, but he wasn’t sure where they were headed, according to WCIA News.

“On February 14 I did text my father Stephen and said if they needed to get away, I could take the boys and just get them back to a normal life. He said they have a normal life, they aren’t together, and he’s not allowed to be around them,” Brittany told WCIA.

The Missing Persons Awareness Network is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading officials to the family, and can be reached at 312-620-0788, or call the Newton Police Department at 618-783-8478.

Adam Sabes | Fox News

Illinois family missing since February, father was out on bond for domestic violence charge